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    About me: ...elp you with issues regarding ""  ;) Use the feedback b...ppy that everybody is enjoying and it is growing so qui...or you to.  This site was made by trike pilots for trike pilots ( for friendly, Trikes, Trike Flying, Trike Pilots, Weight Shift C...

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  • Retraining for a new trike

    3 of my ex-students bought a "new" Joker Trike 912/ Aeros Profi TL wing together. Its flying a little different than my trike - their "school" trike. Then we did retraining. Joker has a foot throttle (my trike has the hand throttle), Joker has a lower seat than my trike and its faster.

  • Alaskans flying Colombians in Alaska

    ...the roud in their VW camper Vanagen. They were super enthused about flying in a trike so my good friend Lloyd was done while I was recouperating from an ailrment and fixing my trike from an accident last summer.

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  • NorthBorne?

    This is my XT carriage being fitted with a GT 6 by Kamron at Northwing right now. Pretty excited for this coming flying season. Does anyone on here have experience flying a Airborne trike with a Northwing wing? Looking forward to meeting you all in Joseph Oregon in July!!!

  • My Flying J boys

    They helped to fix my wing, seat, and frame, test my wing, started up trike, flew tested. It was on my first day. I learned a lot from them.

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  • Trike Book

    ...about the discounted price for my book, "Trikes-The Flexwing Flyers" fo...l get a copy of the 256 page book that is The Trike Flying Bible in the trike world.&nbs...Thanks for taking time to read this and safe flying to you all....

  • Streamer Trike

    We have Streamer trike on offer at very interesting prices second hand Streamer trike with certified Rotax 912 engine. In 2011 it was brought to 0 hrs and after this, 50 flying hours where done. Please...

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  • Trike Wombat

    Trike flying in 1989 at Hexham, Newcastle Australia. Chris Brandon flying an Airborne Buzzard Arrow 582 trike for the TV show - Wombat.

  • Trikes are so much fun, there has been a lot of discussion about trike accidents, In the end if you...n safe conditions then there is nothing like trike flying :D Aviation is only as safe...  Here is a beautiful video of pure joy of trike flying.

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  • Cross-Country Trikers
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    Cross-Country Trikers

    A group for Trikers around the world who are interested in Long Distance trike flights.
  • Ultralight or Part 103 trikes
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    Ultralight or Part 103 trikes

    group is for discussion of part 103 trikes or flying part 103 trikes
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    Arguing with a pilot is like wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a while you begin to think the pig likes it.

    Skills: trike flying

  • Sail Wing Rocket Sponsored by Danish wind turbine maker Vestas, the Sailrocket accelerated to 59.23 knots (68.1 mph) on Walvis Bay off the coast of Namibia.  The speed was the best average time over 500 mete...

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