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    Absolutely love flying my trike.  Always wanted to fly since childhood and taking friends up for their first trike ride can be& of those guys just a few weeks ago and while flying he said "man I gott...

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    ...The only US manufactured trike wing I've flown is a Sport, a...down here. There is only one trike that I just did not like, and...right up there with teaching flying skills. David, you said s...risk to get what I want from flying - and life, really. A good at...

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    Yea, what a freak thing to happen! Sounds like a trike fan. Anyone in BC know this fella? He needs a trike flight for sure. Watch out for flying bears!

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    Absolutley a beautiful trike. I love it :) Many congratulations to you. You are a great ambassador to our sport of trike flying and deserve the best.

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    ...t now and I want finish his training with the old wing because he knows it well. For the other side, we (my colleague from our trike flying school and me) bought used trike in a goood condition. We will...

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    The following trike is in a very dangerous position, being below the lead trike (below the horizon). If lead trike unexpected slides over, the wake will be going just...down because of the ground.  Try this sort of flying in a tree lined river bed and...

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    Welcome to all trike Henry, I like the part of the video where you are chasing the other trike, the relatively slow motion of the trike ahead makes for a great video. Also the rear facing camera with that green color of the Ocean with low flying is very nice. Good job.. Riz

  • Comment on "I wonder if this Guy is still alive today?"

    ...iptions... I think he showed prohibited flying, but he showed what trike can to fly, what extreme posi...c pilot is really good and he knows his trike and its flying properties. Im not advocating...ger...   ..but I love LOW flying... it is dangerous - yes I kn...

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    ...e weather was a little better.  We did a flying trip there in a 10 seat twin engine aircraft.  That was pre trike flying.  I have a montage of st...d.  Its justr that it is not necessarily trike related.

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    ...x i there. but awesome heather for the spring flying.  henry must be for his new toy?      saw a trike flying yesday over on the idahoe sid...r dust?      i was going to go flying this mon or tues but no it ha...