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    ...past i steered clear of winter flying here. but my buddy j ebb dow...ona calling me saying hes going flying every day made me so jealous...m  and opened my mind that flying in winter opens some uniqe op...pport attaching them.i have two trikes a soaring trike for low and slow and my redbac...

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    ...l conditions would allow more flying here, where the number of fl...of Guy Delage's Atlantic trike, which had a BTWB. I'm not...y he felt he needed it on his trike - possibly because he There are no gyros flying in my area, so my appreciatio...

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    ...ison (who is the owner of the Flying J ranch).   I sat in the back of trike with other pilot, name is Pat...p;Other Latino named is Joey, flying since age of 16.    ...Jim R. is the one who fly his trike lying flat on his back. &n...

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    when i look at soaring trike videos they are usually flying smooth air . i would like more information by exsperienced soaring trike pilots on thermalling, country potential.the differences of flying soaring trikes as oposed to hang gliders in...

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    ...that i like the openness of my trike and the more birdlike flight of my soaring trike.if i was endowed with a the rest of the moola flying and exploring the more prist...gliding with all the beautiful flying i would still prefer my soaring trike. we forget about all the times...

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    ...maintaining a 300 minimum.  It was my first front seat trike flight since flying my sold DeereFly Trike at The Lone Star Trikes Fly you can just roll out and fly. At least I'm still flying UL 103 and enjoying the view!

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    Welcome to Alltrikes GW4u.  I fly the American version of the Cruiser trike you fly...It's called an Astra 912.&nbs...or set up to get ready for the Texas summer flying season.  Enjoy the site...there are a bunch of trike flying enthusiasts on this list who...

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    Nice video buddy, my favorite part was where you are flying along another trike. Are you flying a Northwing's wing? and what size? What is your cruise speed?

  • Comment on "The DC-8 and the Trike (joke)" Sadly its not an atypical impression of Trikes, I know some have been calle...Funny thing is I've taken a few GA pilots up flying in my trike now, and they ALWAYS seem to b...awe of the view and freedom experienced when flying a trike.

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    Thanks Tussock. We are all very lucky to be flying these ultimate flying machines. I look at my trike and marvel at the design, it almost out of science fiction. Only to be surpassed by a true ornithopter. Can't wait to get one of those.