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  • Retraining for a new trike

    3 of my ex-students bought a "new" Joker Trike 912/ Aeros Profi TL wing together. Its flying a little different than my trike - their "school" trike. Then we did retraining. Joker has a foot throttle (my trike has the hand throttle), Joker has a lower seat than my trike and its faster.

  • Alaskans flying Colombians in Alaska

    ...the roud in their VW camper Vanagen. They were super enthused about flying in a trike so my good friend Lloyd was done while I was recouperating from an ailrment and fixing my trike from an accident last summer.

  • What am I flying in???

    I took a lesson in a helicopter, with my CFI neice no less (it runs in the family). There are many parallels with trike flying, in some ways more than with fixed wing aircraft. It in other ways it is of course completely unique.

  • 1st solo at El Mirage dry lake

    ... It was in May 2004.   Then no flying until 2012.   I replaced the Skycycle with 2 seater Antares trike.  Refreshed my flying lessons since May (1 week) wi...; I purchased NW 15m wing.   Antares trike was repaired by Paul in Carson...

  • Green1 Electric Trike by eUP Aviation

      This is The Green1 self launch Motor Glider Trike From eUP Aviation inc. www.eUPaviation.c...ilable for 30 minutes 1 hour or 2 hours of managed flight. I was flying the trike and the noise in the cockpit i...

  • My father Jozef "Dedenko" Sajan

    ..., my mechanic and I love him. Flying has always been his fly many people interested in flying, me between them. 1989 -...HG wing - it solidified, made ​​a trike, with a Trabant engine, desigh...-117), then a new by hommade trike, new motor - Citroen 2CV....

  • Trike Flying in Beautiful Kamloops, BC, Canada

    Challenging, but very beautiful environment to fly and to take pictures


    ...Australia where Pauline and I have journeyed 3,017 klm by road, with trike on board for the 9th time in...ight each morning as we fly to the coast for some of the most amazing trike flying you will do anywhere.  2...

  • Air Creation Tanarg

    Hey guys! been a while since I posted. Most folks are on Facebook, but not all, so I thought I would share what Ive been up to for the past year. Gave the Trike a facelift, and have been flying around for a couple of months.

  • El Mirage Flying - March 2

    Flying was good, just 2 hours before sunset.  Magic air.  All of Flying J boys had good time except me.  I enjoyed my day being with them.  I brought food, barbecued steaks (soaked in teriyaki with pineapple overnight).