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  • First Flight 2013

      It's a Virtual Round the World Fly-In!!!! Post one best shot (or movie) from your first flight of 2013 HERE   If the weather gets you down on 1/1/13 take a shot of you in your Hangar with your baby!        Or you in your hangover with you...

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  • hand throttle

    Some photos of our hand throttle solutions

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  • Ronnie's Sex Shop Barrydale

    About a month ago Noël and myself flew to Barrydale for a food and Blues Festival at Joubert-Tradauw wine cellar. A 250 km trip in one direction - against a 45 kph headwind -this took us 4 hrs of flying time. We had to land on route for me to refuel my Clipper - what better place to put d...

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  • My New (used) Airborne Streak 3 wing

    I want to fly faster - so now my trike has had a birthday and is adorned with a new wing - an Airborne Streak 3. Recently a friend and I drove 3,331km (return) to inspect buy and return with this wing - well worth the effort I think. It still waits to be flown for it's maiden, as t...

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  • Throuble with oil cooler

    All two holders was broken and I must to fixed it by rubber wires and flew 200km to home. Next I bought new cooler, my father made me new holder and I havent any problem now.

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  • Visitors

    3 guys with 3 trikes arrived from Dubová airport. All of them was here first time. One of them - Jany Lacúch did a practical exam for qualification: Instructor - Tandem pilot. Who was a strict inspector (CFI)? It was me... :)

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  • My reductor

    I had some vibrations on my prop and we must to open my reductor and made a little correction on my propeller holder shaft. Today we composed it.

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  • AEROTRYK ss (Factory-built, part 103 trike)

    Here are a couple shots of our US-spec AEROTRYK ss.  More photos and videos to come!   Thanks for the support and feel free to contact us with questions or to order.

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  • Flight round Czech Republic

    Guys from Czech Republic prepared flight round their republic. They began the flight on the West of CR and continued to South and East. Next to North and West again.

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  • PF 2016

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