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  • Help me name my trike but I wanted to share with the rest that I bought a SLSA trike, an Airborne XT 912. This is the third trike that I have owned. My first t...XT 912) I was hoping if you could help suggest a name for my trike. Thanks for your help. Rizz...

  • Daddy's Little Helper

    My (Rizzy's) son Zach helping me with the trike. You have got to start them young :D Trike in picture is a Northwing Navajo Trike with HKS 700e and Manta 17 RST wing.

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  • Retraining for a new trike

    3 of my ex-students bought a "new" Joker Trike 912/ Aeros Profi TL wing together. Its flying a little different than my trike - their "school" trike. Then we did retraining. Joker has a foot throttle (my trike has the hand throttle), Joker has a lower seat than my trike and its faster.

  • Trike dollies

    Found an easy way to move trikes around in hangars with a tight fit. Trike can be rolled in any direction at any angle by 1 person.

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  • Soloed

    I did it. Finished my training and soloed my beautiful Sky Cycle trike. Mike did an awesome job training me and building the trike. It flies like a dream. I'm going to have a blast being a trike pilot :)

  • The DC-8 and the Trike (joke)

    One day the pilot of a Trike was told by the tower to hold short of the acti...ed out, turned around, and taxied back past the Trike. Some quick-witted comedian Did you make it all by yourself?” The Trike pilot, not about to let the i...

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  • 2004 SeaWing 582 amphib

    I'll know this amphib will be missed, but I can't fly the Tanarg and the Commander and keep the SeaWing too!  The engine is strong and trouble-free with 260 hours; the wing is strutted and has less than 50 hours.  Cruises at 43 mph and takeoff/landing is under 30mph.  Will consider...

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  • Lake Havasu City Trike gathering (and Balloon Festival!) 1-18-2013

    2013-01-18 to 2013-01-20  Lake Havasu City Trike Gathering (and Balloon Festival!). Trike get together is a separate entity, but coincides with the Havasu Balloon Festival. Contact Reb wallace for Hangar/Tie Down/Camping needs. Camping will be off airport.

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