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  • my friend

    Tags: Jozinko, hand throttle, trike, MZK

  • my friends trike

    Tags: Jozinko, hand throttle, trike, MZK

  • Awesome Landing....

    A smooth landing. I was really happy with it anyway :)

    Tags: landing, trike, microlight, dusk

  • Flycom, Lynx and Comtronics

    I am trying to decide of what system to use for my new trike. In the past I have used Lynx system and loved it. But I want to know what do you prefer and why? I have the option of buying completely a new system. My trike comes with Comtronics helmets but it is not a complete system and I just ...

    Tags: Best communication system, complete, trike

  • Soloed

    I did it. Finished my training and soloed my beautiful Sky Cycle trike. Mike did an awesome job training me and building the trike. It flies like a dream. I'm going to have a blast being a trike pilot :)

    Tags: training, trike

  • Testing my "Engine Out" flying skills.

    A bit of a boring video I know, and yes it is much easier when the landing site is one that is very familiar and available. But still, a good bit of exercise now and then to learn to judge your descent and distance judging skills.

    Tags: engine out, clipper, air creation, 582, xp15, big red, south africa, propeller, kiev, red, wing, trike, flying, skills

  • Ronnie's Sex Shop Barrydale

    About a month ago Noël and myself flew to Barrydale for a food and Blues Festival at Joubert-Tradauw wine cellar. A 250 km trip in one direction - against a 45 kph headwind -this took us 4 hrs of flying time. We had to land on route for me to refuel my Clipper - what better place to put d...

    Tags: clipper, ronnies sex shop, Route 62, barrydale, microlight, trike, DTA, ronnie, karoo, national road, refuel, refresh

  • Where can I find a good compass and mount for front tube

    Hi Friends,   I am looking to mount a compass on the front tube of my trike. Can anyone give me an idea of a good compass and mount that I can use with the front tube?   On my old trike I had a Marine Ritchie Compass but I was unable to find a compass that is light an...

    Tags: Compass for trike, trike, compass, mount

  • Dubová again

    Can you watch it in US?

    Tags: Jozinko, trike, flying, microlight, ultralight

  • Streak III Maiden

    Flying my new wing. Speed 40-80kts. Solo:10L/hr. Dual:12L/hr.

    Tags: trike, streak, airborne, wing