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  • Smithy's Cup Trike Competition 1992

    The first Aussie trike competition held in 1992 at Smithy's Airfield, Hexham near Newcas..., engine off and touch & go tasks with a great bunch of local trike pilots. Several other successful trike competitions including the Fl...

  • Lubos's retraining to JokerTrike.

    The trike is quite different to compare their school trike. Then we flew together and he did his first solo on new trike.

  • ES-trike with the Pollini Thor engine and ATOS wing

    A British pilot came to do a test flight on the ES-trike. This is a very light trike and also available with electric motor with various sized battery packs.

  • Fun Flight in Ultralight REV Trike

    Slow and low flight in Ultralight trike is always lots of fun. This REV trike is powered with Polini Thor 250 Dual Spark engine, counter balanced water cooled engine delivers 36.5 HP of smooth power and it is enough to push the trike with rate of 400 to 500 FPM.

  • Stolen Ultralight Trike

    This trike was stolen in the Las Vegas area late summer 2012. Home made trike, Rotax 447 - Northwing green and white wing. The owner misses it dearly. Contact me if you have seen it.

  • High Alpha Landing Practice

    Practicing high alpha landing is very important for a trike. High alpha means high angle of attack of the wing. In a trike, it is the position that the co...the front tube. It slows down the touch down speed of a trike, meanwhile increasing the sta...

  • Czech trike expedition Annapurna High 2000

    Jan Bohm prepared his trike with new (in that time) Rotax 912 with turbo for years. But in Himalaya the engine had broken. Then they flew other trike with R582. Sorry it is an old document in Czech language without subtitles. But the views are worth it.

  • Trike Wombat

    Trike flying in 1989 at Hexham, Newcastle Australia. Chris Brandon flying an Airborne Buzzard Arrow 582 trike for the TV show - Wombat.

  • Trikes are so much fun

    ...past, there has been a lot of discussion about trike accidents, In the end if safe conditions then there is nothing like trike flying :D Aviation is only as...  Here is a beautiful video of pure joy of trike flying....

  • Trike flying without the trike!

    I got to go Hang Gliding this weekend and had a nice 40 minute soaring flight. If anyone wondered why I fly the Airborne Outback trike the way I do, this should clear that up! Flying...