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  • Soloed

    I did it. Finished my training and soloed my beautiful Sky Cycle trike. Mike did an awesome job training me and building the trike. It flies like a dream. I'm going to have a blast being a trike pilot :)

  • The DC-8 and the Trike (joke)

    One day the pilot of a Trike was told by the tower to hold short of the acti...ed out, turned around, and taxied back past the Trike. Some quick-witted comedian Did you make it all by yourself?” The Trike pilot, not about to let the i...

  • What is the definition of an Ultimate Trike, wing, engine combination

    ...d want to fly extremely fast. If we were to piece-meal a trike...LOL, what would be an all purpose middle of the road trike, wing, engine combination. Th...;with a 80 hp 912 (for reliability). That is my ultimate trike, what about you?

  • Single Engine Running Rough

    Trike Pilot:  Tower, Experimental Trike 16Alpha, request priority landing due to my engine running rough. Tower:  Trike 16 Alpha you will be number two, behind a B-52 that has one engine shut down. Trike Pilot:  “Ah, the dreaded seven-engine approach.”

  • Would be a great trike pilot

    Give this man a trike!

  • Trike Tech Spec & Info Talk

    Discuss trike related details. Climb rates, power, fuels, wing performance and other technical data.

  • Out of gas: Ultralight trike exhausted fuel before crash — An ultralight trike ran out of fuel as it soared 1,300 feet above the Kona Coast before crashing March 20 at Kukio, federal investigators report.

  • Factory demo part 103 trike available!

    ...le at a substantial savings from retail. This trike only has 4 hours on it and is...d guard to name a few!!! I am offering this trike at $10,399. That's nearly 3k...ogies for doing so but this is one of the best trike networks around and this trik...

  • fatality in trike crash in buckeye az.

    ...event. apparently, according to witnesses the trike took-off, went 'straight up, lucky. the steep deck angle of a climbing trike can be 'un-nerving' to a fixe...apparently, he trained in a totally different trike genre with little or no trans...

  • Recent SW Idaho trike crashes

    ...esent for either mishap, but I did retrieve Wayne's trike wreckage. Wayne is an experienced pilot with 40-50 hrs in trikes. He fell into the addicting...lking away with a very badly sprained ankle and totaled trike. I have not seen Dave'...