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  • Trike Floats

    I have a set of floats for a trike, these are Italian made and are excellent and can be seen used on the Rossi trike.  They are new made of f...

  • 2005 Antares trike

    2005 Antares trike with Northwing 15m Mustang-2 for sale.  It's advertised on the under Antares trike.

  • N numbered Airborne Trike for Sale selling my N numbered Airborne Trike, http://www.barnstorm...the link) N Numbered Airborne Trike with 337 hours on engine &...g camera mount & GoPro camera. Trike is in immaculate condition &a...Selling coz I bought another trike. BRS/Rocket are expired and f...

  • Free VHS tapes

    ...2.) MONUMENTAL TRIKING (Ultralight Powered Hang Gliding in Monument Valley) 3.) HOW TO SETUP AND TAKE DOWN A TRIKE WING 4.) Be a Pilot - LEARN TO FLY AN ULTRALIGHT TRIKE 5.) How to preflight an U...

  • Antares Trike 912

    2011 Antares Open Country Trike 912, 105 hrs TT, Rotax eng. Tundra tires, digital avionics, Cosmos wing, dual controls, 2 helmets, 2 headsets.

  • Streamer Trike

    We have Streamer trike on offer at very interesting prices second hand Streamer trike with certified Rotax 912 engine. In 2011 it was brought to 0 hrs and after this, 50 flying hours where done. Pl...

  • Sabre G10 Trike

    Trike Parts Available. Struted Manta12.5 Wing with spare sail, Coolprop 68” 3 Blade prop. Gearbox / Reduction Drive (SPG2) for Geo/Suzuki block. 10 Gal Fuel tank Instament pod with b/w StratomasterUltra Fits newer units) call Doug 213.820.1683

  • 103 Ultralight Trike SOLD!

    ULTRALIGHT TRIKE W/NORTH WING • $6,000  OBO • GOTTA SELL IT! • Home Built trike based on Sabre design. North...ys great. Located in Northern CA 7000.00 OBO This trike is home built and is in raw m...

  • Antares Trike For Sale

    Trike only, no wing. Please see here.

  • WANTED: Antares Trike

    Hello I am looking for an antares trike.  If you know of who has one for sale or you would like to sell yours, please email me at .  Thank You, Rob