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  • Henrich continued his training

    Our season has been started.

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  • First trike flight for airplane pilot

    trike flight for airline ATP pilot in a trike

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  • PIC First Solo Certified

    As of 19th January 2013 I am a certified microlight pilot. This is my first flight with this status - the day after my instructor signed off on my certification. I made a round trip of approximately 50NM.

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  • something from training

    He was quite good, then I decided to simulate him lost of engine power after take off. As you can see he did two mistakes very shortly step by step. Because the view to the approaching ground is terrible, he decided push the bar out. I had to correct it.

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  • Martin

    Some of Martin's landings before his final exams.

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  • Training, training, training....

    Landings, landings, landings...

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  • Landings, landings...

    Some landings...

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  • Emergency landings training

    These are the last Lubošs flights as a student. On Thursday 5th July he passed theoretical and practical exams for his pilot licence. 

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  • Zuzana

    Zuzana wants to learn fly trike then I took her in my trike and did a short demo flight for her. It was her first flight on trike. 

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  • Training

    We did some circuits

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