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  • The engine test

    When I returned from USA I picked up my engine from Verner company and this is its first flight.

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  • Passenger Endorsement... CHECK!

    Today I sent a message to that instructor bloke that sits in the back seat, asking where to find the required information to complete my workbook to accomplish passenger endorsement. He rang me back... We went through the questions that I had already answered, all common sense really, ...

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  • FAA written test study guide

    Here is what the FAA has for preparation for the knowledge exam for sport pilot

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  • test


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  • Propeller test comparisons - are you paying too much?

    The test flights using manifold pressure as the reference, gave incredibly equal results for all props – all within one knot of each other!   One knot is less than the tolerance of the measuring ability. So effectively, each prop gave exactly the same speed for the same ...

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  • New prop

    We installed a new prop

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  • a short weather test

    I was expecting a strong crazy thermal and was beautiful.

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  • ZVFR

    The guy was a guide at the airport and told me, he newer flew trike. We returned after sunset, but a short test flight we did. He was happy and maybe we will have a new student.

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  • SR with a passenger

    With Martin we flew the first time my new StingRay wing.

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