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  • When I learned my lesson about Dew Point-- TIWTIWGTD

    Hostman started this great group- Member's Life Stories. I told him I wished I had some great stories like his (see them under this group heading), but didn't think I did.  I did have some TIWTIWGTD (There I Was Thought I Was Going To Die) Hang Glider stories though.  He ...

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  • Good Humour

    Admin, sorry if I missed a page that is already set up like this but I thought there would be a few good humour stories, jokes, videos etc that members would share around.  So I'll start us off with the following "Whinging Pom Story", one that I personally can relate to, giv...

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  • Is Carb Ice A Concern When Flying in Hot, Humid Climates? (Pilot Workshops)

    Do you guys link to  We get email newsletters that are sometimes interesting.  If you want to check the page directly, you can go here OR here's an example: "Depending on altitude and other ambient conditions, it is possible to get carburetor ice...

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  • Rotax two stroke reliability reveled

    There is an industry stigma that Rotax 2 stroke engines 503/582 are not as reliable as the 4 stroke 912 and they die quickly and for unknown reasons. The truth is that 2 strokes do not die, THEY ARE MURDERED. Here are some simple tips to help you run your 2 stroke as reliably as possible. ...

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