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    YFT, you have been a busy boy, all the students passing through plus getting your new trikes registered. Congratulations to all the new students

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    Hi Ken & Dinga, Yes we now have three Tanargs and one Skypper. I still have 20 students at the moment and live is good. Ken the green Tanarg belongs to Lawrie one of my past students who now has his own big hangar on the aerodrome. Thanks again guys.

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    Hi Damien, I met you at Yarrawonga about 12-18 months ago when you were visiting Oz.  When I saw the solo cans I did a double take thinking I dont remenber seeing these students at YFT.  Congrats to you and both your students on this milestone.

  • Comment on "Illinois Tornado" I saw first time that devastation. Works with nosewheel I teach my students more times, because I saw some landings - especially on asphalt - where pilots (no students only) has a big throuble...

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    Great article David! I always tell to my students - no students already, they had their pilot licences. OK, now you know how to fly and it depends on you if your skills will grow up or not. Im here to help you if you want. But you have to push your limits or set your limits yourself. Step by step.

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    Crayon the way I get my students to make consistant landings is to have them fly down the runway at two...ottle and ease the bar out at the same time, I have good luck with new students doing this. Rebel

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    Thank you Ken, Thank you Jozinko! I always tell the students they have it so easy here. When Frank Dempsey a...r! What more could you ask for, They have no excuse to be professional students :-) !!

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    ...structors foot steering too. I have training bars only... Therefore my students started from rear seat about...from aerodynamic planes), then we changed our positions. I have three students and all are working as air tr...

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    ..."Solo" is a lemon soda drink from Australia (I saw YFT doing for his students so I stole the idea!), quite...and is not too happy when I hide a few cans to take to the airport for students !  Regards from Albuque...

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    Hi David, I allways speak to my students: only 2 things are more interested - your high level and your air...ground may be caused a big pilots throuble or a crash. Then I teach my students: you will to fight to your co...