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  • Unmanned 'tower' of the future takes shape in W.Va.

      It began when a small airport in mountainous West Virginia, the only nontowered airport in the state with commercial service, failed to convince the FAA to fund a control tower but refused to take “no” for an answer. “No ...

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  • Dog ‘asks’ to go flying with Hang Glider

    This is a cool story, of a hang gliding dog and his friend at Point of the Mountain Utah. When POM is on, it blows nice all day, and is easy to top land and launch again and again, big slider stops, etc.  There's a great video that goes with the story! Ken, we should do the dunes ...

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  • Efficiency: Perfect pitch UAVs and airboats lead to new propellers (at least some good from UAVs / Drones)

    Finally found that article I was looking for on the trickle down effect of drone research-- better props for us.  they mention and picture Sensenich by name ... Unmanned aircraft and airboats would seem to have little to offer general aviation, but growth in the two industries is spur...

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