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  • Tanarg ready for Travel

    Mission Accomplished--  Ken's new trike ready to be shipped back to Vegas.  We got thrift store blankets, pillows, etc.  Leaned the mast forward, put the front tube on the mast wrapped in cardboard and duct tape.  Wheel pants off.  Prop off. Ready for adventure...

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  • Cleared for departure

    Just finishing up the last bit of packing for her long journey back to the west.

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  • How to pack a wing?

    Hi, I have a customer interested in buying my 19 meter wing. The deal is not final yet but I would rather be prepared. He lives near Miami and we have looked at the possibility of the shipping options. Someone suggested to put the wing in a PVC sewer pipe. I went online and ...

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  • Aircraft storage

    It has become very obvious to me that storing an aircraft is one of the more difficult aspects on being an aircraft owner. I see several options, but not all of us are fortunate enough to have the choices other owners may have access to.  Choices I have seen are; hanger (private o...

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  • Vegas!

    Trike arrived alive an well! The wheel pants are still sleeping wrapped up in their comforter.

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  • Shipping across the country

    Someone in Florida wants to buy my wing. Now I live in Idaho. Is there a way to safely ship a wing all the way from Idaho to Florida?

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