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  • Pilots, passengers need to understand the risks

    I think many of us have been saying this .... Blogger Scott Spangler writes that pilots and their passengers need a better understanding of the risks related to flight. By better understanding and accepting the risks, he writes, pilots and passengers would be better equipped to prevent acc...

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  • Aviation Safety & Unrealistic Expectations

    Has the exemplary aviation safety record become its own worst enemy because it instills unrealistic expectations of risk in the minds of those fly? As a consequence, reactions to these infrequent but unpreventable circumstances instantly climbs to a level above and beyond hyperbole. - See more...

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  • Ouch!

    Can't imagine how horrible this must have been for both. Fasten those seat belts!

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  • A True Story: Landing at the Wrong Airport- [Good story, kinda funny & instructive]

    I've almost done it.  Spent about 2 or 3 minutes visually lining up on a military airport instead of a small rural airport about 3 miles away (hidden by low clouds).  I just kept thinking damn, that airport looks BIG !!!  This ain't right!   Rut Roh! Landed ...

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  • GPS Testing

    GPS Testing January 22 - Feb 12 2017 Las Vegas

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