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  • QuadFox

    Ben Ashman of FlyLight just uploaded a cool video of one of their FlyLight trikes with Fox wing. What I thought was really neat about this video was the use of a quad drone to capture rigging/derigging activities as well as flight from a different perspective. Hummmm that might be an idea for t...

    Tags: UL trike, Part 103, quadcopter

  • First test flight of my NW Maverick II Legend / JCV-360 / Pacer

    This was my first test flight of my new trike back in Dec 2012. Wing was trimmed a bit fast around 52-54mph at the time.

    Tags: Maverick, Ultralight trike, part 103, North Wing

  • Electric version of the ATOS trike called the EGO

    I really like this video. Highlights the electric motor version (HPD 10 rated at 10 Kw => 13.5 hp). Very aerodynamically clean trike. Great battery life when shutting down the motor to soar. The ATOS VR has one of the best glide ratios of all rigid wings that could be flown on a light trik...

    Tags: soaring trike, electric motor, part 103, true ultralight

  • Flying the NW Maverick /JCV-360 / 13M Pacer at the 2013 Father's Day Fly-in

    This was the 4th year I have participated in the annual Father's Day fly-in at Footlight Ranch in Wellsville, PA. This has been one of my favorite fly-in events. All kinds of flying machines show up and we usually have a pretty good representation of trikes. At this point I only had a few hours...

    Tags: Maverick, Ultralight trike, part 103, North Wing, Pacer wing

  • ES-trike with the Pollini Thor engine and ATOS wing

    A British pilot came to do a test flight on the ES-trike. This is a very light trike and also available with electric motor with various sized battery packs.

    Tags: Ultralight, part 103, ATOS wing

  • Flying the REV

    Enjoy flying the REV Part 103. Even flying with the heavies!

    Tags: single seat, ultralight, part 103, rev, trike, evolution, light, simonini, polini

  • Rev flying with the Simonini Mini 3.

    Flying the latest REV at the Sebring Airshow with the Simonini Mini 3. We will have the newest REV with the Polini Thor 250 debuting at Sun N Fun this year! I hope to get to meet some of you there!

    Tags: single seat, ultralight, part 103, rev, trike, evolution, light, simonini, polini

  • Flying the NJ shore in a Maverick trike with Solairus wing

    Video of flight originating at Woodbine airport to the Avalon beach area. New Solairus 16.5M wing with both VG and electric trim is shown. First part 103 trike that I am aware of that has both VG and electric trim. Will be very useful for expanding flight options..

    Tags: UL trike, part 103, North Wing Maverick, Solairus wing