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  • Ken

    Trike Flown: AirCreation Tanarg, Northwing Apache, Apollo Monsoon, Air Creation Clipper, Part 103 home built, Rev, MTO Gyro, Cavalon

  • Dan Beattie

    About me: ...and currently hold a Canadian Ultralight license. Bought a PPG on Quad cart last spring. Not really me cup of tea so selling it and going to buy a part 103 trike. Love to have a Tan...

  • ULtrikepilot

    About me: Scientist and statistics consultant. Came from HG background but now my passion is flying part 103 trikes and LSA trikes.  My plan is to eventually instruct students on WSC-L.

  • acetrikesusa

    Brief description: Distributor of the AEROTRYK ss part 103 trike (More models coming soon!)About me: ...iation UK.  Through the use of modern materials, modern CAD design/manufacturing, and a unique business model, we are able to offer a class leading part 103 trike with a long list of...

  • Mike Theeke

    About me: ...orthern Georgia.  I am the owner of Fly Hard Trikes, Inc. in Jasper, TN.  We are a full time WSC Flight School.  We also manufacture the Sky Cycle, Part 103 Legal trike.  Check out m...