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  • gap_arch.jpg

    I found “Royal Arch”, 175ft high with a span of 80 ft, ample clearance for a trike.  On the other side of the ridge was a mini Monument Valley.  It was too windy to explore today, but I plan to return and check it out in the future.

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  • Sunset on Nokai Dome

    Sunset was spectacular and I didn’t bother with a tent and slept under the stars.  Our weather window closes tomorrow afternoon, with the winds becoming strong in the evening.  Although we had an extra day scheduled for the trip, we are heading home.

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  • temple_sun_moon

    There are two steep sandstone monoliths in Cathedral Valley called the “Temple of the Sun” and the “Temple of the Moon”.   They are amazingly steep.  I flew over the tops, thinking that there is no way anyone could have ever climbed these in the past, and...

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  • approach_hidden_splendor

    You can see the airstrip ahead on the mesa.

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  • hidden_splendor

    To the right and far below is Hidden Splendor Airstrip.

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  • north_of_hidden_splendor

    We reached the cliff where the ground drops away into the valley of the Muddy River, which flows past Hidden Splendor.

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  • temple_sun

    Close up view of Temple of the Sun and below is the same tower  from another angle.  We left the area for Hidden Splendor, looking over the area now in Google Earth, I wish we had lingered around some more.   Further to the northwest is another valley of weirdly shaped ...

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  • dirtydevilwall

    The Canyon widened out near this huge sandstone wall next to the river.

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  • cathedral_valley

    This area is called Cathedral Valley.   This sandstone butte does seem to have flying buttresses, just like a medieval cathedral.

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  • cainville_mesa

    We rounded this corner and headed in the desert beyond to find the “Temple of the Sun and Moon”, at the edge of Capitol Reef National Park.

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