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  • Approaching Bowknot Bend

    Approaching Bowknot Bend on the Green River.  We climbed up to cross at the low spot on the canyon wall on the left side.

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  • GPS track

    My GPS track of the cruise through the Green River.  Bowknot bend is the loop at the top of the image.

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  • Green River /Colorado Confluence

    The Green River enters from the right, to merge with the Colorado entering from the bottom to form a larger Colorado River exit to the top

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  • GPS Track

    GPS track of the Green River cruise.  The Mineral Canyon Airstrip where we camped overnight is towards the bottom of the image.

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  • Climbing out to cross Canyonlands

    We started climbing here to cross Canyonlands National Park.

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  • Green River

    On the far side of Bowknot bend we passed two canoes paddling down the river.

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  • Where I have flown 2005 - 2013

    Where I have flown from 2005 to July 2013, displayed in Google Earth

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  • shiprock_tail

    The winds were strong out of the Northwest.  We had thought about flying up to Bluff, but the winds seem to always be very strong up there.  We headed due west over the tail of Ship Rock and towards a gap between the Charizzo and Chuska Mtns.   I had heard about an arch bac...

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  • Ship Rock

    We winds picked up to about 35 out of the southwest, directly across our path from the right side.   I was very bumpy when we made our way through the gap in the mountains east of Royal Arch.   I admired Shiprock from 10 miles away, the dropped down low over the desert and ...

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  • Royal Arch

    We head east retracing our route from Friday. Paul missed Royal Arch on the way out last Friday, so I took him by it this morning. I don’t think I got this close, I just zoomed in with the telephoto on my camera instead.  This arch is definitely calling to me.

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