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  • Cerro Nuestra Senora and volcanos of the Rio Puerco

    In the Rio Puerco Valley between Mt Taylor and Albuquerque, NM is a chain of volcanic plugs. On this trip I took my wingtip mounted GoPro Fusion over the tops of Cerro Nuesta Senora, Cerro de Jacobo, Cerro Santa Rosa, Cerro Chato and Cerro Vacio. This video is rendered in 4K and looks great on ...

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  • Approaching the Rio Grande Pyramid

    I flew along this ridgeline, getting help from the thermals to take me to the top of the Pyramid.

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  • Green River

    No question, my best flight ever. Watch in HD.

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  • 2016

    This is a highlight reel from all my flights of 2016. It has a lot of cool places that haven't made it into one of my videos before. The uncharted Anasazi ruins scattered around New Mexico, the window in the Rio Puerco valley, the strongholds at Banco del la Casa and Mesa Pueblo, the Blue ...

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  • 20170721 Sangre de Cristos

    I took off at 1 minute after civil twilight on a 3.8 hr flight to Angel Fire, CO. First stop was an early morning flight over the Sandia Moutains, then over to Sante Fe Baldy, at the southern end of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. From here I hopped from one moutain peak to the next, Pecos Baldy,...

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  • Source of the Rio Grande

    Paul and I (Jeff) are following the Rio Grande, towards its source high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  The canyon continued forever, and we never did reach the source.  Maybe next year.  As the canyon narrowed ahead,we climbed up high to the left to reach the Rio Grande Py...

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  • 20180519 mt taylor loop, narrated

    On this trip, I led two trike pilots (Mike and Mark) on a tour to the top of 11305 ft Mt Taylor, and around the 25 mile long, 8000 ft plateau that extends 25 miles north east from the volcano. Unfortunately, Mike and Mark's trikes are invisible specks in this video. We flew by the volcanic spir...

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  • Santa Maria Reservoir

    We flew over Santa Maria Reservoir and headed down the valley to Creede.  We landed at the Creede Airport and tied down our trikes, then hitched a ride into town with a guy who drove by, curious about our trikes.   After lunch, we started a long walk to the airport, but were...

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  • 20161229 Caldron of Hell and Jaws of Death Canyon

    I have been visiting the Caldron of Hell and Jaws of Death since late 2004, for over 12 years now. However, it is only recently have I flown through these beautiful spots the way they are meant to be, down low in calm conditions. I had no clue of the existence of this place until on one of my ear...

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  • Caldron VR 360

    Check this out.   It's a 360 VR  #360 VR, # jeff_trike, # caldron Check this out. A 360 degree VR flight over the Caldron of Hell in New Mexico. Go to YouTube, go full screen, use the mouse scroll to zoom, and drag across the screen to pitch and yaw. It's the "wingman" ...

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