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  • Copper State 2015

    The 43rd Annual COPPERSTATE Fly-In will be held at the Casa Grande Municipal Airport (CGZ) from Thursday, October 22n...n help support scholarship programs for youth seeking careers in the aerospace indus...


  • FU ... Smoke

    A lot of burning off (and an unplanned grass fire) create skies currently full of smoke, and poor visibility. It was...smoke that night as a result. And then the government has the nerve to charge indus...


  • Advanced Triking - Above and beyond normal Flying

    Advanced Triking - Above and beyond normal Flying

    For all pilots who want to go above and beyond basic sport, private and CFI certificates to new levels of skill, precision and safety.


  • Justification. Adding Spiral recovery to the PTS

    Based on a number of trike fatalities because of lack of training of pilots being able to exit intentional or unintentional spiral dives, I have decided to pursue getting spiral dive recovery into the Practical Test Standards (PRS) for the USA so all new pilots and CFI's will start training to th...

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