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  • New altitude record in electric trike!

    Glad to see some progress in the electric trike arena....ultralight trike, a custom combination of a North Wing Stratus wing matched to an a slight chuckle in a telephone interview following his flight. ......

  • STOL Tips: Going around

    Pretty good writeup with video - see bottom of page on going around in STOL/Back coutry situations. 4 Types of maneuvers are described for common situations. Put yourself in a trike instead of a fixed wing and see if this help you. Trikes are even mentioned here!!

  • Airborne Manuals and Downloads

    Microlights Pilot Operating Handbooks (POH), Illustrated Part Catalogues (IPC) and Wing manual and IPC, Parts Interchange Tables, Maintenance Manuals, Manuals for options accessories etc, Other information.