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  • RC Trike

    Cool Remote control Trike model by MIA. Note to Santa Claus ..... ;)

    Tags: RC, Remote Control, Toy, Fun, Trike, Model Airplane, Park Flyer, Santa

  • These guys are having some serious fun!

    Just found this in the wild at youtube's suggestion. Good suggestion you tube! Really fun to watch, but check your volume first...

    Tags: flying, competition, formation, fun, landings

  • Lift Me Up!

    If you don't like ROCK, you might wanna turn your speakers down for this one! Just out playing on the Jean Dry Lake, near Las Vegas. Chasing a dirt bike over the whoop-de-doos. Please feel free to comment :-)

    Tags: trike, Airborne, Outback, Rotax, 582, fly, fun

  • Dead Stick Landing

    Gotta practice those dead stick landings, just in case...   Yes, I have one of the biggest landing fields right below me (I could land a C5 Galaxy here!) but it doesn't hurt to practice anyway. I did put my Cosmos Phase II down on a tiny dirt road by the train tracks years ago. Landing ...

    Tags: Emergency, dead, stick, crash, practice, fun, fly

  • a little show

    When we thought the airport owner was not there....

    Tags: Jozinko, Trike Flying, fun