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  • 2004 SeaWing 582 amphib

    I'll know this amphib will be missed, but I can't fly the Tanarg and the Commander and keep the SeaWing too!  The engine is strong and trouble-free with 260 hours; the wing is strutted and has less than 50 hours.  Cruises at 43 mph and takeoff/landing is under 30mph.  Will consider...

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  • A Lovely Cruise

    Dave Myers and I visitied Daytona Beach, FL last Janaury, to enjoy some mid-70's temperatures while it was cold back home.  Thinking about doing it again this year!

    Tags: trikes, amphibs, flying, Krucker

  • Drift HD170

    I use the above to film and capture audio through my intercom.  I can turn it on/off record while flying via the remote.  I like that, plus the LED viewfinder lets me see the angle before departing (helpful, when you remove the camera for local shooting).  It also has a rotatable l...

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  • Getting off to the best start in TrikeLife -What advice would you share?

    First off, this question has more than likely been asked and answered a few times here, so I apologize if this is redundant. While I've always had an interest in ultralight aircraft, I've only recently had serious thoughts about jumping in the pool.   Funny.. I had similar...

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  • Interview with Leo Fitzgerald of

    Interview with Leo Fitzgerald of on the local news in Pahrump, NV

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  • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)

    Here is a live page of the latest AIM at the FAA site. Always up to date!

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  • Ningaloo Reef

    Tags: Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, Exmouth, airborne, microlight, flying, aviation, Cape Range

  • These guys are having some serious fun!

    Just found this in the wild at youtube's suggestion. Good suggestion you tube! Really fun to watch, but check your volume first...

    Tags: flying, competition, formation, fun, landings

  • An Account of my Solo Last Week.

    Knowing that choosing to depart the Earth for the heavens implies the responsibility of a safe return to Terra Firma, brings forth many emotions that tangle and weave in our minds. Today (8/1/2013) has left me light headed and giddy as to what I really feel. It will take time to sort out ...

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  • a nice day for flying

    While most of you enjoyed Lake Havasu this weekened, I had to stay close by. It worked out well (although I would have liked to see some balloons).

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