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  • Frugal Flying

    Fly often, buy a reasonably priced used aircraft. "Frugal flying August 7, 2013 by General Aviation News Staff We put out a call to our readers for their tips on how to save money flying. Here are a few of the...

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  • Dubová again

    Can you watch it in US?

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  • Exmouth - Western Australia

    A selection of photos taken during my conversion frm GA PPL to WSM, and also some backseating my wife did whilst there.

    Tags: Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, Exmouth, airborne, microlight, flying, aviation, Cape Range

  • Viva la Mexico flying friends

    Javier Elizondo and Carlos Felton visit Piedmont Aerosports with their wives, Alyssa and Sylvia, and enjoy eight hours of flying the Yadkin Valley wine country in the Tanarg and XT with Doug and Todd.

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  • Flying with my daddy

    We were at Maly Madaras private airport. 55 minutes takes flight there and 46 minutes back home.

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  • My Opinion on Ditching a trike in water- Very Likely Deadly!!

    This is my opinion only, after having thought about it for some time: I was chatting here with a student pilot, who was showing a link where he flies at-  Lots of big lakes nearby.   Hey, I checked out your google map, nice place to fly.  Watch out for flying over wa...

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  • Dubová

    Dubova airport - Air show

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  • Fooling with video editing software

    Hello Folks, My buddy's daughter did a XC in the family trike last week, and made a (private) video of the experience. It inspired me to try my hand. We have been having some nice weather here in the Great Lakes, and part of my family is out of town - leaving me with a bit more time on...

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  • something from training

    He was quite good, then I decided to simulate him lost of engine power after take off. As you can see he did two mistakes very shortly step by step. Because the view to the approaching ground is terrible, he decided push the bar out. I had to correct it.

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  • Flight to Libby

    Tom Tabbert, George Balazs, Walt Baydo and me flew to the Libby airport.

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