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  • Smokescreen1975

    About me: Flying West Central Missouri with a Quicksilver MX and an old Quicksilver Weight Shift.

  • crayonbox

    Airports landed: ...ingaroy YKRY Private: Nikenbah, Wanggoolba, Miramar(Takura), Lake Barambah, Susan River, The Dimonds (Bill Price) Here is SkyVector showing some flying I have completed as of and in...

  • Jozinko

    About me: Im trike pilot, instructor, examiner and inspector of Amateur Flying Association of Slovak Republic. I am a double Champion of Slovak trike Championship for years 2005 and 2011. My trike: Wing - Aeros Profi 14, trike - TOMI Cross 5 Sport, engine - Verner VM133MK My videos on youtube

  • Karey

    About me: 12/31/12 the weather was 10 degrees F - too cold for flying in Osceola, WI. It's a good time to do maintenance and the annual.

  • AndyD

    Brief description: Recently qualified, low hours.. Flying a P&M Quik 912S.. The one I learned on!

  • Illinois Triker

    Brief description: Currently flying an Airborne XT EZY (Rotax 582) with Merlin wing.

  • Okie Triker

    Interests: and Flying Trikes

  • Christopher

    Interests: flyingInterests: XC flyingAbout me: ...hobbs. My other passion is photography which I enjoy combining with my flying ( my First love ) My newest...t toy.  I have more than 700 hrs on trikes and love sharing my love of flying with my love for photography....

  • Kiltmanadventures

    Airports landed: (Kmtn)Martin state airport ( air national guard base).(op2) Shoestring. (8md5) flying H farms. (KFDK) Fredrick airport home of AOPA. (FFA) First flight airstrip kill devil hills NC (2...