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  • An Account of my Solo Last Week.

    Knowing that choosing to depart the Earth for the heavens implies the responsibility of a safe return to Terra Firma, brings forth many emotions that tangle and weave in our minds. Today (8/1/2013) has left me light headed and giddy as to what I really feel. It will take time to sort out ...

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  • Free Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator- Go / No Go Decision Helper App- Includes Live weather & your experience

    Download the Air Safety Institute’s Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator to clarify the gray areas of making a go/no-go decision. By taking into account your total flying experience, including recent flight hours, how much experience in a given aircraft, weather, terrain, and runway information,...

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  • Quotes

    “Pilots begin their journey in the sky with an individualistic fervor.  They guide the raw skill of flying by the personality that passing years, influences, and genetics have created.  Some are meek and timid, some are bold and prone to rash decisions.  These traits large...

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