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  • Ducted Electric motors - Coming soon to trikes?

    The E-Fan is the brainchild of Didier Esteyne, an engineer and pilot with a knack for electric aircraft. Two years ago he unveiled an electric version of the diminutive Cri-Cri, which made its debut here last year. Esteyne worked with EADS — corporate parent to Airbus — on the...

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  • Electric Sports weight-shift trike impresses

    Found this article - its a couple of years old now. Wonder if they have made any progress?   June 17, 2012 by Dan Johnson Leave a Comment AERO, held each year in the south of Germany, is one of those shows that has interesting aircraft in more nooks and cran...

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  • New altitude record in electric trike!

    Glad to see some progress in the electric trike arena. South Carolina pilot sets the bar (not too high) On June 21, with scattered clouds overhead and a crowd gathered on and around Greenville Downtown Airport in Greenville, S.C., Gary Davis launched in a near-silent pursuit of a world rec...

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  • Aerospace engineer designs faster Electric Airplane

    Aerospace engineer Stephan Boutenko was inspired to design a new electric airplane after reading about a Chinese-built model in 2009. The Chinese airplane could only fly 55 mph; Boutenko thought he could improve on that and assembled a team that came up with a design for an aircraft that simul...

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