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  • The Parrot AR DRONE 2.0

    Here's what things looked like at the cabin on New Years Day. Interested in a Parrot Drone? There's all kinds of stuff on youtube and ebay. It's a fun toy but it needs all the upgrades

  • Air Force BugBot Nano Drone Technology

    Ever wondered why when you open the door, a swarm of flies enters through it.... I think I have found out! ;-)

  • QF-16

    This would have to be the ultimate UAV – a fully equipped F16 drone! These F-16 aircraft have been in the bone yard at Davis-Monthan for 15 years and have now being reconfigured as flying drones

  • First flight!

    Video of my first flight in my new Outback 582, taken from a DJI Spark drone. Please check out some of my other videos.

  • Trike droning!

    Lance films with his DJI Spark drone, and Larry flies the Outback trike.

  • QuadFox

    ...t just uploaded a cool video of one of their FlyLight trikes with Fox wing. What I thought was really neat about this video was the use of a quad drone to capture rigging/derigging...

  • Outlaws (Don't miss the UFO!)

    ...ra. Have to watch on 1080 to see it and it is only viewable for a couple seconds. I have no clue. It has no wings and is moving MUCH faster than a drone. See what you think.