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  • XC Triker Live cross country Feed

    This is an album with live updates from XCTriker on his cross country from Santa Maria (SMX) to Havasu (HII) today!

    Tags: cross country, XC, flight, Mojave

  • Memoriál Uncle Považanec - The eight annual

    On Friday evening I had first 5 flying minutes in this year. Weather was nice all weekend then we flew a lot of flying hours arround nice country side near Myjava city.

    Tags: Jozinko, cross country, trike flying, MZK, Myjava

  • Kráľová pri Senci

    On Friday evening my father as a navigator nad me flew to Kralova airport. We flew down to wind an our trip take 37minutes only. On Saturday morning we flew back home. That way takes 50 minutes. My father told me: I will sell my trike and I will to fly with you... It is the most comfortable!&n...

    Tags: Jozinko, cross country, trike flying, MZK, Kralova

  • My Megafauna Fly-Away 2014

    This is my awesome story.

    Tags: Jozinko, MegaFauna, YFT, Cross Country, Australia, flying, friends