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  • Tags: How & why add them to my Post/Photo/Video

    Tags are basically keywords to help members search for topics on the site.   Tags are be entered in field labeled "Tags" below the text box & above the "Save" button.  You should always fill in the Tags box on any post (with key words about your post, sep...

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  • Rotax two stroke reliability reveled

    There is an industry stigma that Rotax 2 stroke engines 503/582 are not as reliable as the 4 stroke 912 and they die quickly and for unknown reasons. The truth is that 2 strokes do not die, THEY ARE MURDERED. Here are some simple tips to help you run your 2 stroke as reliably as possible. ...

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  • NASA: 3-D printed rocket part holds up in test and "Print your own Plane from Plans!!!" Holy Cow

    So my question of will MY part idea be strong enough has probably been answered  "...withstand a test that included pressures of 1,400 psi and temperatures up to 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. " August 27, 2013 By Jim Moore on AOPA ...

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