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  • Flying the Canyon

    The second deepest canyon in South Africa - "Riet River Canyon" in the Cederberg Mountain range and more specific adjacent the...South Africa - next time we will fly the full length of the 45km canyon to explore the depth of up to...

  • Amazing Marble Canyon Flight

    Flying Marble Canyon, Lake Powell, and Page Arizona along the Colorado River.

  • Flight over Bryce Canyon

    Bryce Canyon - one of the most distinguishing and beautiful landscape in America. Tens of thousands skinny spires of rock called "Hoodoos" were created by the frost wedging by 200 days a year ice frozen in the ground

  • Red Rock Canyon Flight

    Chris, Leo and I flew over Red Rock Canyon early in the morning, the beautiful rock formation located just 20 miles west of Las Vegas downtown. The enormous rocky cliffs stand over 3000 feet.

  • Hells Canyon and the Grand Ronde River

    Here's our X country down to La Grande OR for the Elcipse.  Hell's Canyon is just there waiting for all you to come fly it!   George and I both know we have to spend more time down there exploring that area.  Really cool stuff!! T

  • Glen Canyon 360 VR new 360 VR video of my trike flight up Glen Canyon. You can drag your viewpoint.... My main worry was about wind currents in the canyon. I did not want to mess aroun...entire flight. I had flown over the top of the canyon a few years ago and examined...

  • Flight To The Mouth Of The Grand Canyon

    Flight from Moapa Valley over Devil's Throat to the western entrance of the Grand Canyon. Overcast made for poor video quality. Not our best but thought I would post it anyway for the poor souls up north dreaming of airtime.

  • Gila River Canyon

    ...rvice fire base strip that you can get permission to land on if you call the fire dispatcher first. The next morning we took a cruise down a small canyon in the Gila National Forest j...

  • Flying the Dirty Devil River Canyon

    ...where the Dirty Devil river joins the Colorado River. Now the fun would begin. We continued on for another 45 minutes through a spectacular canyon, and landed at the Dirty Devi...

  • Cruising Red Rock Canyon!

    5/8/18  Cruising over the huge gypsum mines and then on to Red Rock Canyon. Very smooth air, except where I was landing... This is the second half of my flight, after chasing Hot...