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  • WarBirds DownUnder - 2nd Nov 2013

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  • Flying after the Airshow

    I got a flat tire there... Three people only... 

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  • Fly-By at FlaBob!

    Going places in a trike is Cool !!  I think Ken has the bug now.  I was only able to check 3 more airports off my list, but they were cool ones, especially Big Bear-- had been wanting to do that and needed good conditions-- and FlaBob, home of EAA Chapter #1 very cool.

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  • "World's Smallest" Air Show May 24-26 California

    Every year on Memorial Day weekend, Brian Ranch Airport hosts the "World's Smallest" Air Show.  This event draws pilots and aviation enthusiasts from all over the western United States.  The air show features ultralights, light sport aircraft, and general aviation in fl...

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