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  • This is how the front fork carrier should NOT look...

    Just checked mine and all is good. (2007 Airborne XT-912 Tourer). (12/1/2013) Well it's doesn't need an xray... Upon closer inspection of a photo from Saturday, and another closer inspection today - I found a crack. (14/1/2013).   It wasn't too obvious but it's the...

    Tags: xt-912, airborne, crack, weld, fork carrier

  • Trike Repairs - XT-912 weld/tube crack

    This album is a collection of photos showing the dismantling and reassemble (eventually) of my trike during the repair of my fork carrier due to a recent Service Bulletin from the manufacturer. Dismantling began 4th February.  Delays caused by lack of gas for powder coating. MISSION C...

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  • Exmouth - Western Australia

    A selection of photos taken during my conversion frm GA PPL to WSM, and also some backseating my wife did whilst there.

    Tags: Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, Exmouth, airborne, microlight, flying, aviation, Cape Range

  • My New (used) Airborne Streak 3 wing

    I want to fly faster - so now my trike has had a birthday and is adorned with a new wing - an Airborne Streak 3. Recently a friend and I drove 3,331km (return) to inspect buy and return with this wing - well worth the effort I think. It still waits to be flown for it's maiden, as t...

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  • Trike Flying in Beautiful Kamloops, BC, Canada

    Challenging, but very beautiful environment to fly and to take pictures

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