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  • VFR Personal Weather Minimums

    Subscriber Question: "I am a VFR Pilot and would like to know how to determine the worst weather condition I can fly in and still be safe?"   For the "answer" click HERE

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  • 2 Frustration

    FRUSTRATIONSo far this short trip has been all about weather and I don'tanticipate that changing. I stopped in Needles because the winds weremuch higher than forecast when I landed and I didn't want to continuethat day into the mountains with higher than anticipated winds andfeeling tired. Waited...


  • 4 Making Progress & Radio Problems:

    Some of the Back story-- Making Progress & Radio Problems:June 16:Yesterday was a very short day.  Left Dalhart, TX after 7 AM to givethe morning rain and TS's a chance to clear out of my path and ziggedover to Texhoma, OK (K49) then zigged back to Springfield, CO (8V7).It was REALLY blo...


  • 9 Meeting Barry Maggio (Posted June 25th evening)

    Posted June 25th evening: Meeting Barry MaggioJohn let me sleep in until 7 AM..."wake up, we need to get ready toleave in half an hour". He had an early breakfast meeting and I hadto hustle so he wouldn't be late. Immediately afterwards we were goingto the airport to load the trikes and head nort...

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  • Weather

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  • Carburetor Icing Probability Tool

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  • AOPA Editor's pick: Top 10 apps for 2012-- There's some great Ideas here, several are inexpensive

      I didn't want to plagiarize the whole article from AOPA-- instead, I'll just tell you what their Top-Ten were, and give you the link to their article (they should like that):  HERE  It's short and has really good advice on these apps, they're cheap, and I t...

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  • What is the best way to get out of IFR conditions when trapped as a VFR pilot?

    Another tip I received today, seemed very topical to us: Q: What is the best way to get out of IFR conditions when trapped as a VFR pilot?  Bob Nardiello provides the answer here... Fly Safely, Ma...

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  • Widgets-Weather- your own page

    For more explanation, and lots of cool features, click HERE

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  • iPad Mini Killer for Less Than Half the Price

      By Robert Goyer / Published: Jan 04, 2013  in FLYING  ( )   For those of you who’ve been trying to get your hands on an Apple iPad Mini, there’s good news. You might not need one. As cool as the newest and l...

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