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  • First Flight

    This was my first flight lesson in any aircraft of any kind. How I waited so long I’ll never know, as I had early aspirations of becoming a pilot. I found my way to weight shift trikes, and Leo in particular through a series of coincidence. I recall first seeing ultralight trikes being fl...

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  • Stolen Ultralight Trike

    This trike was stolen in the Las Vegas area late summer 2012. Home made trike, Rotax 447 - Northwing green and white wing. The owner misses it dearly. Contact me if you have seen it.

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  • Equipment Photos

    I plan to put various Trike Tech photos, & misc in this album   Starting with the cool handle grips Ken gave to me!!!

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  • Vendor Guidelines-- Manufacturers, Instructors, Importers, etc

    AllTrikes was dreamed up by a bunch of trikers who wanted to see a site where everything could be discussed peacefully and all information could be found.  For this reason, we created private areas to maturely discuss accidents, and have instituted a democratic moderation policy (where ev...


  • Trike Wizzards and the Adventures of AllTrikes

    AllTrikes is proud to present an exclusive cartoon series created by our resident artist & triker David Coy especially for This is the premier of the first series of a semi-weekly cartoon series all about triking. Enjoy and Happy Holidays,     from David C...


  • Rizzy Rugged Trike Northwing Navajo with HKS 700e.jpg

    We all love our birds, and I am no different. This so far is my favorite trike. It offers all I asked for, a four stroke engine with big tundra tires and strut wing and most importantly it is rugged. Those were some of the attributes I wanted in my bird and I got to say I feel very lucky and b...

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  • First test flight of my NW Maverick II Legend / JCV-360 / Pacer

    This was my first test flight of my new trike back in Dec 2012. Wing was trimmed a bit fast around 52-54mph at the time.

    Tags: Maverick, Ultralight trike, part 103, North Wing

  • Flying the NW Maverick /JCV-360 / 13M Pacer at the 2013 Father's Day Fly-in

    This was the 4th year I have participated in the annual Father's Day fly-in at Footlight Ranch in Wellsville, PA. This has been one of my favorite fly-in events. All kinds of flying machines show up and we usually have a pretty good representation of trikes. At this point I only had a few hours...

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