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  • US Airforce Spotter Identification Chart

    US Airforce Spotter Identification Chart   Whatever happened to project blue book?

    Tags: UFO, USAF, Project bluebook

  • What on earth???

    Hope someone knows what this is. I have no idea... UFO?   Last sighted KBVU

    Tags: UFO, experimental

  • UFO side view

    Stranges aircraft I have ever seen. Perhaps Damien flew this in from Roswell?

    Tags: UFO, Vegas

  • Outlaws (Don't miss the UFO!)

    Camping on the dry lake with my trike. Three buddies came out and we made it a party! Flew all three in the back seat and Dave was flying his PPG. If you look VERY closely, there is a UFO at about 6:11 or 6:12. Small white ball flies under me, then races off camera. Have to watch on 1080 to see i...

    Tags: UFO, trike, airborne, outback