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  • Trike Flight in Turbulence

    Looks like it was filmed in Oz Henry had a good turbulence film somewhere too

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  • Flight from King City to Golden Gate Bridge: Making the flight a reality vs 30+ mph headwinds

    George's Fuel Management Poll and Topic reminded me of this video. George's post here:

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  • Trike Flying to Ski Resort Sunpeaks, BC. Oct 8, 2014

    It was my true first cross country mountain flying through potentially very hostile and quickly changing weather conditions. The weather was perfect, but still with occasional heavy turbulence. Eventually I enjoyed those challenging flying conditions and even sought some thermals under mountain c...

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  • Trike Fling to Deadman Road Valley, BC. Oct 9, 2014

    This one of the best and the most beautiful flights. The flight took 2 hours to cover 140 km, through extremely beautiful mountain valley. Leaves were in full colors in spectacular scenery. I encountered several very heavy turbulences, but I had fun with them. I explored that region the following...

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  • Landing during turbulence and Crash

    Glad it wasn't worst and there was people by the runway to help. I kept screaming go-around. At what point do you think he needed to make the go-around call?

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  • Personal Navigation Exercise: Brooweena Navs

    Yesterday 21st December, I flew on our Summer Solstice - the longest day of our Southern Hemisphere year. I used the opportunity to fly only by compass and time, after making a flight plan into areas I had never been. It was great fun. Hope you enjoy it too.

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  • Kamloops Flying Trike to Buse Lake Area in Heavy Turbulent Air, Sept 12, 2014

    It was beautiful, a bit crispy day with no wind, while sun heat started to slowly change the tranquility of the still air. Originally my flying goal was much more ambitious, but turbulence did not allow me to reach it. It was getting unpleasant and fear of air sickness was very real for me. I was...

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  • Bumpy Day in a PulsR

    Its not me, but I Found this in the wild. Looks like a bumpy day!

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