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  • Trike Flight in Turbulence

    Looks like it was filmed in Oz Henry had a good turbulence film somewhere too

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  • PIC First Solo Certified

    As of 19th January 2013 I am a certified microlight pilot. This is my first flight with this status - the day after my instructor signed off on my certification. I made a round trip of approximately 50NM.

    Tags: microlight, trike, solo, pic, training, certification, pilot, flight, xt-912

  • a nice day for flying

    While most of you enjoyed Lake Havasu this weekened, I had to stay close by. It worked out well (although I would have liked to see some balloons).

    Tags: eldorado lake, northwing, trike, light sport, flying

  • Cloud Dancer

    I left with intentions of practicing forced landings, and having some fun along the way. Now that I am certified, I am still getting used to the concept of flying when and where I want to. If you look at the runway when I go to our local airport, you will see a trike taking off from the run...

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  • Trike Crop Duster- Znamenka, by Jozinko

    Finding that link for "Vera Lynn" I just happened to come across a YouTube video by Jozinko on a pilot who crop dusts with a trike.

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  • Airborne Trike Documentary 1994

    This is a blast from the past. Channel 7's Real Life featured Airborne in a documentary. David White the reporter was enjoying himself, at least until the engine out scene. The director chose to do the engine out in the middle of the day when the air was a pretty rough. Real life won a Logie Awar...

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  • Awesome Landing....

    A smooth landing. I was really happy with it anyway :)

    Tags: landing, trike, microlight, dusk

  • Testing my "Engine Out" flying skills.

    A bit of a boring video I know, and yes it is much easier when the landing site is one that is very familiar and available. But still, a good bit of exercise now and then to learn to judge your descent and distance judging skills.

    Tags: engine out, clipper, air creation, 582, xp15, big red, south africa, propeller, kiev, red, wing, trike, flying, skills

  • Dubová again

    Can you watch it in US?

    Tags: Jozinko, trike, flying, microlight, ultralight

  • Streak III Maiden

    Flying my new wing. Speed 40-80kts. Solo:10L/hr. Dual:12L/hr.

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