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  • Unseen Cuba .... Spectacular first ever aerial photographs of Cuba taken from a Trike

    "Nobody had been able to take aerial pictures of the country because of the secretive political regime and technical difficulties," he told IBTimes UK. "I thought it would be awesome to try to become the first man on the planet who could convince the Cuban government to give permission for s...

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  • New altitude record in electric trike!

    Glad to see some progress in the electric trike arena. South Carolina pilot sets the bar (not too high) On June 21, with scattered clouds overhead and a crowd gathered on and around Greenville Downtown Airport in Greenville, S.C., Gary Davis launched in a near-silent pursuit of a world rec...

    Tags: electric, trike, batteries, lithium!

  • Low Riderz - Video Submission

    Flying low and slow in the Nevada Desert. A ragtag fugitive band of trike pilots braves the rugged wilderness and terrorizes the skies.

    Tags: Low and Slow, Trike, low riders

  • Documented BRS save

      Optional safety equipment installed on an ultralight trike is being credited with saving the life of a veteran pilot who crashed into a South Surrey blueberry field Monday. “You invest in them and you hope you never use them,” Victor Okunev, co-owner of Open Ski...

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