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  • This one's for you Rizzy - She's Alive!

    Popped in a new Lithium Iron battery (Thanks ttabs for the info!) and she fired right up!

    Tags: tanarg, engine run, vegas

  • Copperstate Flyin 2014

    Flying into and around the Copperstate flyin in Casa Grande AZ. Footage from AK-Chin, Casa Grande, and Coolidge airports. Here is the Vimeo Link for IOS device users

    Tags: Copperstate 2014, trike, trike flying, alltrikes,, microlight, ultralight, light sportair creation, tanarg

  • Fred's first ride

    Gave Fred his first ride in a trike today

    Tags: Ride, tanarg

  • Solstice Flight December 2018

    Quick flight the morning of the winter solstice 12/21/2018. Flew from Dayton NV to Carson City NV to meet up with Paul Hamilton (@trikecfri) and his wife Loretta. Video is a .quick shot of the return flight. Thanks to Paul for the photos

    Tags: Solstice, tanarg, Nevada, Carson, Dayton

  • Steep Turns

    Unknown pilot, unknown location, unknown country doing steep spiral turns in a trike

    Tags: Steep turns, spiral, Tanarg, Featured

  • Anmatjere man

    Anmatjure Man is a unique sculpture of an aboriginal man with a spear, located at Aileron Station - 120klms north of Alice Springs, Australia. Take a journey with us in the Tanarg and feel the ancient energy of the outback thru the lense of a GoPro as we zoom across the vastness of nature..Enjoy!

    Tags: Anmatjure Man, Tanarg, Ailron Station, Central Australia

  • Destination Fun 2012

    Destination Fun 2012 is the culmination of 4 years, some 800 man hrs and heaps of $$, to build the ultimate off-road Tanarg trailor.. we can go almost anywhere on the roughest roads to taste the freedom in style.!

    Tags: Microlight Trailor, Tanarg, Off-Road Trike Transporting

  • 2019 flying season begins!!!

    Let the spring 2019 flying season begin! Finally a great day to get off the planet has arrived in Reno

    Tags: Tanarg, Nevada, Northwing

  • Air Creation BioniX Tanarg

    Created by Scott Alexander & Gabriel Reiss, taking you on a ride in the BioniX Tanarg with impressive visual effects of the variable wing geometry and the stylish Tanarg's short field capaabilities.

    Tags: BioniX, Tanarg, Variable Geometry, Performance

  • Flabob Flying Circus Trailer 2013

    A brief stylized view of the Big Bear Flabob flight from Flying J with knussear, XCtriker, lfitz3, and SallyTucker

    Tags: Tanarg, flying J, big bear, flabob