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  • FAA proposes to add yet more restrictions - watch out SLSA and electric trikes!

    The proposed policy effects everyone who owns a Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) airplane, trike, glider, or powered parachute. It also effects anyone hoping to own an electric-powered experimental aircraft in the future. Because what this proposed policy does is direct FAA Safety Inspector...

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  • EAA Obtains Clarification From FAA On E-LSA 'Inspections'

    from:   EAA Obtains Clarification From FAA On E-LSA 'Inspections' The FAA has strongly clarified some misinformation that was significantly hampering some people's efforts to get their two-place ultralight trainers transitioned to the...

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  • Now this is an orange trike

    Leo Fitzgerald with his new ORANGE S-LSA Northwing Navajo - now its painted white - but the orange was WAY cooler.

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  • Operation Migration aircraft adjusts to FAA regulations- Have to buy SLSA trikes

    To continue its mission guiding whooping cranes from Wisconsin to Florida, Operation Migration is working to replace its three ultralight aircraft by next spring in order to comply with Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Following an investigation in 2011, the FAA discovered that...

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  • SBs not mandatory, FAA counsel says

    August 28, 2006 AOPA SBs not mandatory, FAA counsel says The FAA lawyers have spoken: Service bulletins (SBs) are not - repeat not - mandatory for most Part 91 aircraft operators. That's exactly the decision AOPA had encouraged and expected. That had been everyone's u...

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  • Can LSAs go commercial?

      It’s a regulatory certainty that Light-Sport Aircraft cannot be used in commercial operations. Sure, the LSA category is fast growing. Yes, it’s permeated the marketplace well enough that LSAs can be found on fields across the land. Admittedly, the aircraft are desig...

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  • SLSA AIRBORNE XT 912 LOW HOURS $29,500 or best offer

    N numbered SLSA trike 315 hours on Rotax 912 80hp engine with carb heat. Engine TBO of 2000 hours. Trike has Microair Avionics transponder & altitude encoder. Trike has always been meticulously maintained by certified mechanic. Detailed Engine & Aircraft logs. Included are helmet, radio, ...

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