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  • Warp Drive

    There's a reason they call it a warp drive!

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  • Little pilot

    Dual purpose auto pilot

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  • Bling at the rotax booth

    Rotax guys are awesome. Free hats! This is the new fuel injected 912

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  • Old faithful

    New or tax 582 on display at the rotax booth at sun n fun

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  • Trike Maintenance and Resources

    Trike Maintenance and Resources

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  • Rotax 912 Fuel Pump Service Bulletin SB-912-063 June 24 2013

    Rotax announces new Service Bulletin SB-912-063 This Service Bulletin recommends the replacement of 912 series fuel pumps with a part number of 892546 and 892 542. Fuel pumps which have pre-installed fuel lines and fire sleeve will need to have the fuel lines transferred from the original fuel...

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  • Rotax announces REVISED Service Instructions: 912-016, 914, 912i. Suitable Operating Fluids/Oil/Fuel

      Rotax announces REVISED Service Instruction:  SI-912-016 Revision 6  SI-914-018 Revision 6  SI-912i-001 Revision 1 From Rotax email 9/23/13:   Rotax has announced a revision to its Service Instruction covering the proper "Select...

    Tags: Rotax, REVISED Service Instruction, 912, 914, 912i, Suitable Operating Fluids, Oil, Fuel, Gas, Petrol, following, regarding, relevant, information, fuels

  • Rotax Service Bulletin SB-912-064 / SB-914-045 : Periodic checking of the crankshaft journal for 912 & 914 series engines.

    Rotax announces Service Bulletin SB-912-064 / SB-914-045 : Periodic checking of the crankshaft journal for 912 & 914 series engines. Rotax has previously released SB-912-059/914-042 wherein a limited range of engines required an inspection looking for potential cracks developing in th...

    Tags: Rotax, Service Bulletin, SB-912-064, SB-914-045, crankshaft journal, 912, 914, engines, operators, affected, hours, inspection, requirement

  • Oil Pressure Sender problem on Rotax 912 series engines?

    Is anyone else having failures of their Oil Pressure sender frequently?  I've gone through about 4, this last one lasted about 3 months only.   From what I know this is a known reliability issue.  Sometimes they last a while and sometimes they don't.  T...

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  • 16 hour Trike Annual Certification Course S/W US

    Now forming group to enroll in 16 hour course.  To be offered somewhere in the U.S. Southwest (Calif, Arizona, New Mexico, or Nevada) depending on participants. If we get approximately 15 participants interested in any particular area, then Neil Bungard will travel to us to give the course....

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