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  • Forced Landing Checklist

    Pilots tip of the Week:  Forced Landing Checklist Question: "I had an engine failure on downwind and a forced landing in a plowed corn field. I spent the last 500 feet concentrating on landing the airplane but did not bloc...

  • Topic 1) fear of landing, no fear of takeoff

    ...aking off was no problem, but landing was scary.   It was...n row that I started to enjoy landings.  It was much later, tw...pilots who are more scared of landing than taking off.  I tell...;  Have an engine out on landing, who cares, but having one sh...

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  • Trike Shimmying at landing

    I went with my friend for a flight today, I fly...d a few touch and gos, on two of the landings we felt a significant shimmy...a bit low on air and also the second landing was done probably a bit faste...ated tire, coupled with a cross wind landing and all of the above could ha...

  • What GPS to buy

    Hi, I am in the market to buy a new GPS for my trike and I would like your input. Currently I have the old Garmin GPS iii. What GPS do you use, why do you use it and how much did it run you? Thanks for your help. Regards, Rizzy

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  • Runway Intrusion Go Around by Rizzy

    Hi, This is a video of Go around, I was coming in for a landing and communicated my intentions to land, the Cessna acknowledged my intentions and told me he had me in his sight and the next thing...

  • Rizzy's bad landing

    The wind was rough, I flew for about 45 mins or so and got tired of fighting with the wing and decided to land, I didn't like my first landing approach so decided to go around, turns out the second landing attempt was not that great either. In extreme scenarios, a trike could flip.

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  • Best Video & Photo of 2014 Competition
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    Best Video & Photo of 2014 Competition

    Best Video & Photo of 2014 Competition Submission
  • Advanced Triking - Above and beyond normal Flying

    Advanced Triking - Above and beyond normal Flying

    For all pilots who want to go above and beyond basic sport, private and CFI certificates to new levels of skill, precision and safety.