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  • Lift Me Up!

    If you don't like ROCK, you might wanna turn your speakers down for this one! Just out playing on the Jean Dry Lake, near Las Vegas. Chasing a dirt bike over the whoop-de-doos. Please feel free to comment :-)

    Tags: trike, Airborne, Outback, Rotax, 582, fly, fun

  • Taking my buddy PG Mike for a ride.

    He flies a paraglider, but had never been in a trike before. Kinda nervous.  I took it mellow on him :-)

    Tags: trike, Airborne, Outback, Jean, Las, Vegas

  • Dirty Devil Canyon - Upper Colorado River by Jeff_Trike

    Published January 5, 2014: Spectacular flight over the upper Colorado River

    Tags: Jeff_Trike, Utah, Colorado River, Outback, Camping, Bivouac

  • Chasing Balloons!

    5/8/18  Flew for about an hour yesterday. First half hour was chasing hot air balloons, which is this video. Launch pad was a drainage basin near Blue Diamond, NV.  I will also post the second half of my flight up and down Red Rock Canyon. That one is next. Hope these are entertaining. ...

    Tags: trike, Airborne, Outback

  • First flight on my new Outback!

    My buddy Lance Brazil is droning with his DJI Spark and I am shaking out the new trike. Lance has lots of Kung Fu and fitness videos on his channel. Have a look if you like.

    Tags: Airborne, Outback, Rotax, DJI, Spark, drone

  • First flight!

    Video of my first flight in my new Outback 582, taken from a DJI Spark drone. Please check out some of my other videos.

    Tags: Drone, Airborne, Outback

  • Cruising Red Rock Canyon!

    5/8/18  Cruising over the huge gypsum mines and then on to Red Rock Canyon. Very smooth air, except where I was landing... This is the second half of my flight, after chasing Hot Air balloons!                 &n...

    Tags: trike, Airborne, Outback

  • Outlaws (Don't miss the UFO!)

    Camping on the dry lake with my trike. Three buddies came out and we made it a party! Flew all three in the back seat and Dave was flying his PPG. If you look VERY closely, there is a UFO at about 6:11 or 6:12. Small white ball flies under me, then races off camera. Have to watch on 1080 to see i...

    Tags: UFO, trike, airborne, outback