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  • Cross-Country Trikers

    Cross-Country Trikers

    A group for Trikers who are interested in flying long distance: Whether it's just a few miles or Cross State-- it's all good.  Just get out and Cross it!!! Planning, equipment, packing, weather, supporting, Multi-day adventures, wilderness flying, mountain flying, get togethers, or just interes...

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  • RizzyWizzy

    Arguing with a pilot is like wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a while you begin to think the pig likes it.

    Location: Oregon

  • Oregon Air Rally July 13th

      The Oregon Air Rally was formed to help raise both awareness and funds for charitable organizations.  Patterned after the road rallies of the 1960's, this fund-raising event is held during a day of flying in which contestants are challenged with aerial navigation, reconnais...

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  • Trike Vs. SuperCub Bend, Oregon

    Sweet video! Kinda like a combo between an @Ttabs flick and a @Jeff_Trike video. It came up on YouTube after Rohayes00 "Ride the Glory"-- I can see why it's had over 34,000 views!

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  • Tax question, when purchasing a new trike

    I am purchasing a used trike from Montana. I am a resident of Oregon, do I have to pay any taxes on the purchase? Since we don't have any taxes in Oregon. The reason I ask this is because when I purchased my first trike (sold now) I was a resident of Idaho and living in Idaho and I pu...

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  • Top to Bottom Series 1-9 and extras

    just got done watching this series again my favorit on the big screen great to see several trikers expecshially david, james and henery all flying together having the times of their lifes I wanted to put them in an order for everyone to see from begining to end hope you enjoy as much as mee l...

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