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  • 5 Navigation & Weather Equipment (It's thunderstorm time)

    on Navigation & Weather Equipment (It's thunderstorm time):On Jun 18th, 2012, at ~12:00 PM, David wrote:Hey Craig,How's the iFly 700 working for you? Does it give you the real-time weather / ADS-B? If not, what are you using for realtime weather?I probably need to upgrade soon. Leaning toward...

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  • AOPA Editor's pick: Top 10 apps for 2012-- There's some great Ideas here, several are inexpensive

      I didn't want to plagiarize the whole article from AOPA-- instead, I'll just tell you what their Top-Ten were, and give you the link to their article (they should like that):  HERE  It's short and has really good advice on these apps, they're cheap, and I t...

    Tags: Top 10 apps for 2012, iPhone, iPad, Android, Navigation, Weather, ATC, Learning to fly, student pilot, Wing X Pro 7, Garmin Pilot, LiveATC Air Radio, X-Plane Flight Simulator, Cloud Ahoy, Survival Pocket Ref, AirWX ($9.99), ForeFlight Mobile

  • The TRIKE Book

    For those who don't have it yet, you MUST get this for your reference library.  I'm offering an early Valentine's Special Deal.  The book... "Trikes, The Flex-Wing Flyers"  256 pages of only trike info from lesson plans to history to navigation etc. and use...

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  • Oregon Air Rally July 13th

      The Oregon Air Rally was formed to help raise both awareness and funds for charitable organizations.  Patterned after the road rallies of the 1960's, this fund-raising event is held during a day of flying in which contestants are challenged with aerial navigation, reconnais...

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  • Nav Flight App for Android... PPGps!

      I was introduced to this app today for android. Has anyone used it? To me it looks like it will do everything and more that i need.   I especially like the real time on line tracking, and the ability to export kml file...

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  • Early Navigation System of acetylene torches on towers and concrete arrows

      Beacons, arrows kept pioneer pilots from going astray in Nevada. In the earliest days of commercial aviation, before the advent of radio guidance, the federal government constructed a system of beacons and arrows to literally light the way from state to state and coast to coast...

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  • XC and Understanding the NOTAM

    I recently had the need to decode the following NOTAM, but information on how to do this is not easy to find.  If anyone can help as to where this information can be found please post here. The part of the NOTAM that is difficult is the long numbers after the place names.  I know...

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  • IOS 8.4 fixes external GPS problem

    For all you Ipad and Iphone users that have external GPS, apple has finally fixed the issue...

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  • Flight Log to Share

    For all you pilots out there, I thought I would share my Big week of flying.  Totaling 9.2hours in 5 days. And I thought we could all do the same.  So please post your flights with a brief description of what you did, saw and weather condition, and most importantly, a SkyVector l...

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  • Henrich's first navigation

    Henrich prepared the navigation and did it perfectly

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