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    In 1999, Mike Blyth & Olivier Aubert flew their two microlight trikes from Buenos Aires to Cape Town via Greenland, flying over 3 continents (Americas, Europe & Africa), 33 countries. They were unsupported and had only a few little sponsors for equipments. They sent their machines in box...

    Tags: SOUTH TO SOUTH "For The Birds", 1999, Mike Blyth, Olivier Aubert, Trike, Microlight, Buenos Aires to Cape Town via Greenland, 3 continents (Americas, Europe & Africa), 33 countries

  • 2014 Sunset Over York WA

    An older video but great flying weather and flight over York in Western Australia

    Tags: Microlight, Western, Australia, Flying, York, Aviation

  • Ex TC Oswald - Floods and Tornados

    An Ex-Cyclone that reached only category one (lowest strength) for less than 12 hours travelled from North Queensland all the way to the South of Australia to exit New South Wales near Tasmania and wreaking chaos and breaking records along the way. Maryborough and Hervey Bay were just two towns ...

    Tags: cyclone, floods, tornado, storm, australia, weather, microlight, flight, clouds, rain

  • PIC First Solo Certified

    As of 19th January 2013 I am a certified microlight pilot. This is my first flight with this status - the day after my instructor signed off on my certification. I made a round trip of approximately 50NM.

    Tags: microlight, trike, solo, pic, training, certification, pilot, flight, xt-912

  • Cloud Dancer

    I left with intentions of practicing forced landings, and having some fun along the way. Now that I am certified, I am still getting used to the concept of flying when and where I want to. If you look at the runway when I go to our local airport, you will see a trike taking off from the run...

    Tags: microlight, flight, trike

  • Vankovia

    I flew to the Vankovia airfield

    Tags: Jozinko, trike flying, microlight, ultralight, MZK, Vankovia

  • Jozef "Dedenko" Sajan

    My father - Jozef "Dedenko" Sajan and his plane: MW-117 wing, VW-1600 engine, Pavelek propeller and his by yourself made trike

    Tags: Jozinko, Dedenko, trike flying, microlight, ultralight, MZK

  • an evening flight

    A little mix of my flights of that day. A little slow flight

    Tags: Jozinko, trike flying, microlight, ultralight, evening

  • Awesome Landing....

    A smooth landing. I was really happy with it anyway :)

    Tags: landing, trike, microlight, dusk

  • Training, training, training

    I tested my trike after I modified my trike electricity. I tested my new MA intercom with headset, I was listening to music, called my wife... It was my first flight in 2016. A flight to visit my friend, will be in next video.

    Tags: Jozinko, microlight, ultralight, trike flying